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What makes us fresh

  • Fresh Ingredients

    The freshest quality ingredients go into every meal made here at the Fresh Factory. We pride ourselves on the nutrient quality of our meals and rotate our seasonal ingredients throughout the year to buy from local farms when possible.

  • Containers & Heating

    Fresh uses a bake friendly container that can go in the oven (no toaster ovens) at 280° for 12-15 minutes for the best taste. If you’re on the go, re-heat in the microwave for 1:45 – 2:00 minutes.

  • Farm Raised Proteins

    Fresh’s Signature Meal Plan offers farm raised proteins, including free-range and antibiotic-free poultry, wild seafood (seasonal), and grass fed beef. Across our menus, all of our meals use only free range and antibiotic poultry and grass fed bison.

  • Fresh Factory

    All of our meals are created, prepped, cooked and packed for you by our culinary teams led by our Executive Chef/Co-Founder in our own kitchens. The meals are then delivered directly to your door by local courier!

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